Captain Katerine Armsdottir is six feet of human woman. Blonde haired and green eyed,she prefers to wear elaborately embroider and decidedly well-made and expensive captain’s garb; regal blues and gold piping, the whole nine yards. Further, they’re bulky enough to hide any real details of her figure and flat chest.

Kate carries herself with a militaristic straightness of posture, and is never seen slouching or leaning.

She also happens to have a large set of feathered, fiery wings sprouting from her shoulder-blades, easily capable of holding her aloft.


The Armsdottr family is a trading family based on the primarily ocean-world of Aquantalia. They are known for three things; quality, timeliness, and most importantly, honesty and a clear set of ethics.

Actual, good, nice person ethics, not ‘fuck you got mine’ ‘ethics’.

Their competition is quick to point out that it’s precisely these ethics that will ‘keep them from ever truly making it big’. Little things like refusing to gouge prices sky-high during shortages, a staunch refusal to play ball with pirates and engage in the thousand moral corruptions that are nearly inseparable from inter-sphere trading.

Katerine is the youngest daughter (behind two sisters and the eldest son) of this family, and was brought up in a home that never knew peace; people and cargo were always coming and going, and the exotic sights and languages they brought with them instilled in her an endless curiosity and appreciation for the vastness of wildspace. Of course, being based on the water-world of Aquantalia, with its large population of amphibious lizard-folk provided her even MORE opportunities to get acquainted with different races. Indeed, she grew up with a number of lizardfolk, and learned to speak their language, marking her as a Lizard-Friend

The family’s ethics and love of hard work have found their way into Kate’s heart, and shaped her as she grew. First in deciding upon the path of the Muscle Wizard Mage Warrior; a discipline combining magical knowledge and agonizingly tough physical training, learning the Techniques Passed Down Through the Countless Generations of the Armsdottir Family and in her own views.

Fortunate to have been raised by wealthy parents and afforded many opportunities, Kate feels that she is therefore compelled to act under Nobless Oblige, helping out those less fortunate than she.

Likewise, she considers those who sign on with/under her as Her Crew, Her Responsibility, and will not hesitate to help, even if that means crossing a burning bridge with a horde of warforged after her to rescue a powdermonkey.

Through her adventure, she’s honed her skills in transformational magic; she can now shift her shape as easily as putting on a new set of clothes. Of all the changes she’s played with, having a pair of wings was by far the most fun, so she’s decided to keep them, and now has a lovely pair of _Wings Like an Angel.

note to self: Elements: Ooze → Stunt ‘Summon Lesser Elemental: Black Tentacles’


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