The Damsel Fly

Modified Damsel fly


Scale – Medium (3) Advanced
Structure Stress – 3 (4) Reduces Stress by 1
Morale Stress – 3

Skills -

  • +2 – Air Maneuver, Ranged Combat (Ballista)
  • +1 – Cargo Hold, Ranged Combat (Catapult), Hardened Structure

Aspects -

  • “A smuggler’s Ship”
  • “Tougher than she looks”
  • “Easy to overlook”

Stunts -

  • Acrobatics – +1 to Air Maneuver Checks
  • Split Attack – Can attack two targets in ranged combat

Fate Points – 8


The Damsel Fly was originally recovered from the wreckage of Cheshire’s Hope, after the original owner of it, an adventuring mage was killed during a raid by warforged while they attempted to locate something.

It has since been modified so that its wings will retract, allowing it to dock with the Eagle Ship also recovered by the crew during that same adventure.

This ship had been modified at some point previously to allow for smuggling of goods and contraband, most likely past the Elven Imperial Navy, as such it has many secrets as of yet not uncovered. One of these compartments was lead lined and held what is presumably the Queen’s Heart the warforged sought.

The Damsel Fly

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