The Eagle Ship

Captured Warforged Vessel and base of operations


Scale – Large (4) Advanced
Structure Stress – 5 (7) Reduces Stress by 2. +1 Minor, +1 Major Consequence
Morale Stress – 5

Skills -

  • +3 Docks, Systems
  • +2 Repair System, Armor, Cargo Hold
  • +1 Troop Facilities, Salvage System, Air Maneuver, Grappling System

Aspects -

  • “Unknown in this Sphere”
  • “Made for war”
  • “Home of the Damselfly”
  • “Heavily Modified”

Stunts -

  • Rapid Deployment – Deploy all ships/troops similtainusly
  • Rapid Retrieval – Can rapidly recover troops/ships in combat
  • Repair Team – +1 bonus to repair checks. Can be deployed between ships
  • Salvage Mysterious Artifacts – Can be used to salvage skills from anything weird
  • House of Healing – Treat Healer as 2 skills higher. (5 Healer)
  • Show your Better Side – Once per scene can gain armor benefit even if destroyed

Fate Points – 7


The strange Eagle shaped ship was not built in Outremer space, but was used as a troop transport for the warfoged as they entered this sphere looking for the Queen’s Heart. Originally built to house troops and act as a bomber, it has been modified at the Stoneale Platform to support salvaging operations, serve as a base of operations for the crew and the home for the Damsel Fly when she’s docked.

The Eagle Ship

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