Flight of the Queenyan's Revenge

Session 31
"If you use that whip on anybody here I'll make you masturbate with your hand wrapped in it."

An abbreviated session due to GM derping out.

Katerin, Mardove, Isolde and new recruit Bir informed the Orc slave master for Captain Sangre that leaving the three halfling slaves and his gig to our heroic crew would be a good idea if he valued his life. Also that he should change his occupation. A parting shot from Mardove in his leg encouraged this even more.

It was roughly at this time as Isolde and Mardove worked to free the three halfings and Bir cleared the gig of valuables hazards when Quentin and his old friend the shipwright Billy Digger arrived.

Billy then inspected the claimed Hammership, telling Quentin it would take quite a bit of time and effort to get her spaceworthy again.

Plans where then made regarding who would stay to watch the free halflings while the others went to assault Captain Sangre, where ever he is.

Session 01 - 30
The Story So Far

Crew: Katerin, Quentin, Zeljka, Mardove, Hugh

The carvel Queen Nyan’s Revenge flying under the flag of the trading house Armsdottr is attacked as it journeys from Aquintalla to the Broken Arc to visit the freehold Cheshire’s Hope on its way to Sestile and beyond.

The initial attack is unprovoked and conducted by a ship of unknown bird shapped silhoute. It bombards the deck of the carvel, breaking the main mast, setting parts of it on fire and almost destroying the ship. Several strange metallic attackers also board from the enemy ship, trying to slay the surviving crew. The attackers, consisting of metallic men, and mechanical velociraptors are quickly dispatched by the crew. The only clue to why the Queen Nyan was attacked being the cry of the warforged attacker of “Unhand the Queen’s Heart, unforged! Where is it!”

After a brief discussion it was decided to chance the ship’s stability and persue the attackers, then limp to Cheshire’s Hope for repairs. Several deft maneuvers by Katerin later, the Queen Nyan took a position over the ship, allowing the crew to jump down onto their attackers for their own revenge.

This second battle went much like the first, ending the game with the deck clear of warforged and the Queen Nyan’s Revenge safe, for now.


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