Fate CharGen Document

(If reading through the PDF, the character creation section is on page 17 (Page 15 of the book) and continues on to page 30 (28 of the book))

These instructions were originally written for characters being converted from Pathfinder to FATE/Legend of Anglerre. If you have any questions, please let me know. Generally those races active in the setting are Human, Halfling, Elf, Half-Elf, Half-Orc, Tinker Gnome, Dwarf, Scro, Lizardfolk, Drow, and Giff. I have included at the end of this document suggested racial Aspects for those races not in the main Anglerre book, as well as any stunts you may purchase by having that Aspect.

As for Class/Occupation, the FATE system is pretty free form, allowing you to build something that hopefully meets your concepts.

Step 1) Aspects

Each character will begin the game with 8 aspects of their choosing. They will need 1 aspect to represent their race if non-human, and another related to their occupation. If a character wishes to use a skill found in the Power Skill chapter, they will need an aspect related to that, which can also be their occupation aspect, but does not have to be. The only exception to this is if a power skill is unlocked by their race. This power skill does not have to be taken.

If you do not have all 8 aspects when done with char gen, that is not a huge issue as long as you have at least 5 or 6, basically enough aspects to keep the Fate Point economy on track. We can just fill in the remaining during game, or talk about it outside of game time.

For reference, Chapter on Aspects starts on page 55 of the pdf (53 of the book). A large list of examples is on page 57 (55 of the book).

Step 2) Skills

After Aspects are picked, you will have 20 points of skills to purchase. Skills are arranged in a “skill pyramid” with each level of the pyramid giving you a bonus ranging from 1 to +8, the maximum skill level you can buy is Great (4). Buying a skill at Good (+3) costs 3 points from your total of 20, at Great 4 points, and so on. To buy a skill at any particular level, you must have at least 1 more skill in the level below it then you are purchasing it for. For example, to purchase 1 Great skill, you will need at least 2 Good skills.

Two skills, Endurance and Resolve can be used to raise your Physical and Composure stress (these work as your HP to an extent, and mental stability), respectively. Depending on the level at which it exists in your skill pyramid, they will give you 1, 2, or 3 more stress boxes for their tracks.

The Ladder

  • Legendary +8
  • Epic +7
  • Fantastic +6
  • Superb +5
  • Great +4
  • Good +3
  • Fair +2
  • Average +1
  • Mediocre +0

Any skill you do not explicitly buy are counted as being at Mediocre level, and do not give a bonus when you roll to use them. (With the exception of Power Skills, which must be purchased to use)

For reference the chapter on Skills begins on page 63 of the pdf (61 of the book). With the actual skill list being on page 64 (62 of the book). For information on how to use a skill, page 12 of the pdf (10 of the book) has a brief rundown. If you wish your character to have any special abilities (ie magic) these are covered by the Power Skills, found on page 118 of the pdf (116 of the book), with a list of available skills found on page 123 of the pdf (121 of the book).

Step 3) Stunts

As Great characters you may purchase 4 stunts for your character. The majority of stunts are tied to the skills you have purchased, though additional stunts are unlocked for purchase depending on what Racial Aspect you have.

The total number of stunts subtracted from 10 is equal to your Fate Point Refresh (typically this is 6 for starting Great characters).

Note: Skills often have subheadings broken into Stunts and Trappings. Buy purchasing a skill, you have access to all of its Trappings, which do not count against your total Stunts.

For reference, page 37 of the pdf (35 of the book) to page 47 (45 of the book) list Stunts that are tied to Occupations. I also do not use the rules regarding Restricted Equipment, so that stunt is not needed, and ignore it if it is listed as a requirement for purchasing any other stunts. Racial Stunts are listed on page 31 (29 of the book) through page 36 (34 of the book). Skill Stunts are listed with their associated skill starting on page 65 (63 of the book) through page 116 (114 of the book). Power Stunts are listed on page 118 (116 of the book) through page 141 (139 of the book).

Step 4) Equipment

Resource rolls are not required to equip your character. In general I trust you to choose items that make sense for the character concept and aren’t terribly unbalancing when it comes to mundane stuff. The Equipment chapter begins on page 48 of the pdf (46 of the book)

For free, you can start with one item as if the character possesses either the the Personal Device Stunt on page 73 (71 of the book) or the Personal Magic Item Stunt on page 120 (118 of the book) without it counting towards the max of 4 Stunts, but it is suggested to take an Aspect relating to the item.

Half-Orc Aspects
Don’t call me an orc
You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry…
Half-Orc Stunts
Darkvision – You can see in total darkness
Intimidation – +1 to Intimidate checks while in combat
Orc-Ferocity – For a Fate Point you can go beserk, gaining a “Berserk” aspect, +2 to all physical attacks and incurring a -1 to all defences.

Half-Elf Aspects
Torn between two worlds
Born to Wildspace
I don’t need anyone
Half-Elf Stunts
Low Light Vision – You can see in near total darkness. You gain a +1 bonus to vision related checks.
Elven Immunity – You gain a +1 bonus against magical mental influence.
Keen Senses – You gain +1 bonus to skill checks based on one sense of your choice.

Tinker Gnome
Special Features – Access to the Alchemy Power Skill
Gnome Aspects
Insatiable Curiosity
A bit unstable
Loves their Machines
Gnome Stunts
Small – Character is unusually small, while still being Size 2. Receive a +1 stealth bonus but a -1 to Intimidation.
Illusion Resistance – You gain a +1 bonus against Glamour magic.
Low Light Vision – You can see in near total darkness. You gain a +1 bonus to vision related checks.

Special Features – May purchase the Claws/Jaws and Tail stunts
Lizardfolk Aspects
Cold Blooded
At home under the waters
Strong back
Lizardfolk Stunts
Well Balanced – +1 bonus to Athletics checks in relation to balancing.
Hold Breath – +1 bonus to Endurance checks to resist suffocation
Strong Swimmer – +1 to Athletics check while swimming.

Giff Aspects
Blackpowder Fascination
Military is my life
Giff Stunts
Oversized – They are extremely large (while still size 2). Gain +2 to Intimidation checks, and +1 Physical Stress. Incur -2 to Rapport checks.
Proficient with Firearms – +1 bonus to Ranged Weapons when using black powder weapons.
Dark Vision – You can see in total darkness

Special Features – Access to the Element (Shadow) Power Skill
Drow Aspects
My sodality is my life
Survival of the fittest
Drow Stunts
Dark Vision – You can see in total darkness
Drow Immunity – You gain a +1 bonus against magical mental influence.
Keen Senses – You gain +1 bonus to skill checks based on one sense of your choice.

Fate CharGen Document

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