Outremer Drow

Drow in Outremer Space

The majority of drow in Outremer space live and train on the moon Annotur, taking the deserts harsh environment as the ideal location for them to prove their skills and weed the weak from their ranks.

Most of the time they live in underground strongholds or seitch that are designed almost like warrens and contain everything the drow communities need to survive, from housing to food production and armories. It is only at night when the suns of the crystal sphere have gone down do the drow leave their seitches to venture forth across the desert in small parties.

The few times the drow act during the daytime on the surface is during the rights of passage for young passing into adult hood in their hunts after sand kraken, or when they act as guides for the hunting parties of Elven Imperial Naval officers which come to the moon for sport.

Shal is the only other body in Outremer space with a sizable population of drow, where they have their own small domain in the capital city called the Shadow District. This is where they and the families of those attached to Imperial Naval forces live. These drow typically form their own small dedicated units or as body guards and infiltrators for the Imperial Navy.

A small number of drow though part ways with the Elven Imperial Navy and become freebooters in Outremer space and else where, often selling their skills to whoever will pay or pursuing agendas with the tenacity and ruthlessness famous for their race.

Drow Popular History

Nearly three centuries before the current date in a backwater crystal sphere in the region of space claimed by the Elven Imperial Navy one of their ships, the HMS Void Drake encountered a small vessel of unknown design crewed by an mysterious race of dark skinned elves who called themselves the drow. After a tense standoff the two sides began a short dialog and concluded neither was a threat and that they may have some common grounds.

The drow revealed that they hailed from a sunless crystal sphere where they had fled sometime in the distant past to escape persecution by an ancient enemy of theirs and were only now recovering enough to venture back out into space. They also worshiped an entity they would only term to the other elves as the Weaver of Shadows, a goddess who had given them her protection during their years of solitude in the sphere.

While no outsider has located the home sphere of the drow several details about them and their culture have come to light. It seems their society is almost dominated by a survival of the fittest attitude, with those who are strong and smart enough at the top ruling over their betters until another comes along and topples them. They are also very pragmatic and patient, able to wait long periods in their hunts for food and resources before striking when the time is right. Drow also seem to be broken up into various sodalities which are roughly analogous to guilds in other races. Each sodality is in itself a lose confederation of groups which each practice a central skill as their focus, for example the various warrior sodalities or arcane magic sodalities. While they are not a rigid class system, some sodalities are afforded more prestige then others due to the hardships one must endure to join them and practice their skills. The most common sodalities encountered in Outremer space are usually devoted to warriors or stealth. Representatives of those who cast arcane magic are fairly rare but not unheard of, as well as their clerics.

It is not unheard of for rivalries to form between various groups inside a sodality as one view of the skills they practice wars against a rival view point, as true to the drow way they seek to ensure only the strongest and most fit survive.

Since the first encounter with the Void Drake the drow have entered into a pact with the Elven Imperial Navy, pledging to them support in exchange for help in defending against their enemies, whoever they may be. They seem content to keep at arms length from the rest of elven kind though, turning away all those who seek to learn more about them and their ways.

What the drow don’t tell

The drow philosophers have a saying, “To win a war, first deceive your allies.” This teaching has shaped just about all their interactions with the Elven Imperial Navy. One of the few truths they ever told is that they were refugees of an ancient war, with enemies at every side. What they don’t tell is that many of their enemies are of their own doing as the drow attempt to establish themselves as a true power in the ‘Flow.

After the war and their exodus millenia ago they fled from the surface of their homeworld deep into its interior until they encountered a naturally occurring phenomena that transferred them from the prime material into the Underdark of the Plane of Shadow. There in this realm composed of massive stone caverns, winding tunnels and strange half real beasts the drow found themselves a new home, a new goddess, and a desire to ensure they would never be forced from their homes again.

The drow do not speak the name of their goddess, and only call her the Weaver of Shadows. They know her true name’s reputation among those of the light as evil and a monster, but they consider the treachery of their former gods by refusing to help in their most dire moments the far worse sin. Now the only indication of who she may be is in the giant spiders which serve as her emissaries among the drow people and on their holy icons.

Home for the drow is a central and vast cavern of the underdark, which they have converted into a city, covering the natural void’s interior with their homes, temples, palaces, and in the center, suspended by their magical might and connected to a empty crystal sphere by a vast and ancient gate are their shipyards, where they construct a fleet that will one day be known across the ‘Flow as a sign of the drow’s triumph.

For now though, they have encased themselves within the Elven Imperial Navy, using them as a unknowing armor of sorts to protect them from their enemies, and allow the dark web of the drow to expand out into the flow till it can be discarded for good.

Outremer Drow

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